Building insights for your organization




1. Tighten your belt 

    • Know your fixed and variable costs – don’t get boxed in so you have time to move funds and  maneuver 
    • Continue to be disciplined with your expenses, look for purchasing and operations saving
    • Manage cash flow to survive with an eye to recovery

2. Invest time in authentic communication  

Take time to learn how your stakeholders use and value communications – do they use social media? How important is personal outreach? 

    • With Customer – Build trust = safety + consistency + empathy
    • For Employees – Be open, transparent and supporting
    • For Supplier – be creative, patient, open
    • For Community – Be engaged, give back , serve your community –  be remembered for your generosity 

3. Be a Smarter, Engaging Marketer

    • Focus on Loyalty and Retention: LISTEN to your existing customers as an extension of you team. They are cheaper to market to, think of new ways to upsell and increase sales without bringing in a NEW customer.
    • Maximize Referrals: Ask existing customers for referrals. Offer them some rewards such as discounts on future purchases for giving you referrals.
    • Encourage Feedback: It is an ideal time to ask your customers what they want, what can be improved and what would make their experience more safe and comfortable.

4. Reimagine your business model

    • Rethink how you create value for your customer now in time of crisis and going forward – can they count on you?
    • Respond to the changing expectations of your customers, the needs of your employees, and the flexibility of your suppliers. Your business model will benefit when you LISTEN to these changes.
    • Reinvent your product, if needed, so that it’s more flexible, addresses changing needs of your target market, at a reasonable cost and within necessary safety restrictions.
    • Redesign product delivery – provide customers with a speedy, safe, convenient, user-friendly experience.

 5. Generate new immediate revenue with minimal investment or expenses

    • Leverage unused resources – See if a pop-up model works for your services
    • Share current facilities with other companies
    • Sell compatible products at your facility to build traffic
    • Consider collaboration, merging with competitors for mutual advantage






























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