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 Empower YOU to Impact a Sustainable Future

Catalyzer Lab provides VBID (Values- Based, Impact-Driven) capacity building for executives, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to generate sustainable solutions.

It is a reset for traditional leaders to become Catalyzers – agents of ongoing transformation to build human-centered enterprises.

It develops  the Catalytic Mindset necessary to design transformative business models  that generate social impact outcomes for all stakeholders.

Delivering Executive Seminars on 5 Continents



They came confused, maybe scared; they left the workshop with a sense of purpose and understanding that we have challenges but have the support and leadership necessary to find solutions in the digital world. It is a must if we are going to succeed in our industry.

Amin Kadrie

CEO, Skelton Group


I had the privilege to work with Prof. Ira Kaufman in a strategic master session in Dubai on implementing the lean canvas model for aspiring startups.

The session was an eye opener helping me a lot in answering burning questions such as: does our target audience have the problem we believe they have? What is our unique value proposition? Do we have an unfair advantage? 

His challenging method  catalyzed the execution process of our minimum viable product-MVP in the UAE market.  I would definitely recommend Prof. Ira’s services to entrepreneurs or organizations looking for a well fortified feedback from a transparent expert.

Abdellatif Naciri

Managing Director,

Dr. Kaufman’s Master Course on improving Podravka’s digital transformation strategy has made a significant difference to our business. As a food-producing and pharmaceutical company, we were looking for new ways to tackle innovation and sustainability topics. By establishing a culture of openness, flexibility, and innovation we managed to implement new practices. A new strategy developed during and after the workshops with Dr. Kaufman that was based on a transformative mindset, diversity, purpose and the courage to try out new ways of doing things. Insights from workshops helped Podravka’s executive team to rethink and redesign innovation and to create a new policy focused on environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Head of Knowledge Management Podravka Croatia (2015-2020)

Snjezana Slabek

Senior Director Learning and Development, Cognite Norway (2020)

Video Testimonial from Reda Bouraoui, Former General Manager
PepsiCo, Gulf Region


Video Testimonial from Tariq Qureshi, CEO Mad Talks


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