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Our Mission

In the contemporary world of chaos and uncertainty, the business community is searching to determine the New Normal…a comfortable, low risk state of incremental change.  Rather this transition is an imperative that business and organizations strive to define as a dynamic, exponential approach to Strategic Transformation.

In response, the Catalyzer Lab designed Strategic Harmony…bridging the internal force of Love (Harmony) with the external force of Power (Strategy) to transform organizations’ business models and social impact.  It turns a crisis 180° — from an enemy to an opportunity; from corporate chaos to catalytic transformation; and from disruption to a strategic direction.

Catalyzer Lab provides an organizational reset using the ABCD’s of Transformation to address the enterprise’s challenges to become a sustainable business. Its values-driven, blended learning platform prepares executives, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders for disruption and uncertainty—aligning purpose with mindsets, uncovering stakeholder-centric strategies and propelling collaborative action. It guides your team to direct scarce resources to sustainable impact.

 Strategic Harmony is ongoing transformation—reinventing how we transform internally (as an individual and organization) and how to translate that change externally (through business models, offerings, and impact). The aggregation of how each of us and our organizations share value(s) in responding to a crisis (e.g., climate threat, pandemic, exponential technology) will determine the state of New Harmony.

Why Strategic Harmony?

“Strategic” because it is driven by specific intention to create a values-driven plan that is inclusive and trusting, empathetic, sustainable and transparent.

“Harmony” because it is a congruent combination of diverse elements and mindsets resulting in unified, sustainable outcomes, shattering our status quo.

Strategic Harmony is a journey, not a destination. To achieve this goal. we’ve designed strategies to align Power, augment Purpose and Love, reduce resistance to change and integrate digital transformation.

What We Do: Capacity Building

Catalytic Leaders Lab

A Dynamic series of seminars designed to cultivate young business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Digital Transformation

An series of executive workshops to align your organization to take advantage of a digital transformation.

Building a Digital Brand

Eexecutive seminars with everything your organization needs to know to build a successful digital brand.

Post Covid strategist

The world has changed and to stay relevant you must ensure that you are ready to make your business successful in a changed world.

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