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Emerging Leaders Labs

 Transforming Leaders to Catalyzers

In traditional business and organizations, leaders enable, guide, and direct their staff. Transforming Leaders to Catalyzers, intensive workshop essential for successful Strategic Transformation. In our current World 4.0, our leaders must become Catalyzers of continuous change, confronting assumptions and biases and challenging the status quo. During this workshop you will gain skills necessary to redefine the unknown– self-reflect, align values and purpose, cultivate creativity, rediscover Transformative Power and Love, , and energize relationships with all stakeholders. customizable 1-2 day workshop

Catalytic Leaders Lab

Lab is intensive leadership capacity building that challenges NextGen emerging intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to build and scale impact  with measurable sustainable outcomes.

  • Infuse purpose and stakeholder experience as win–win strategies into organizational  culture and operations
  • Integrate transformative methodologies into business models – social canvas, catalytic mindset, purposeful data analytics, and social return on investment
  •  Drive radical collaboration across 
  • Evaluate outcomes with Sustainable Impact Indicators- People, Planet, Profit, Prosperity
  • Gain certification and provide intense challenges to pitch deck

 customizable 1-2 week master course




I really enjoyed your passion in delivering the values-driven leadership workshop for emerging leaders. I especially appreciated the interactive and inclusive approach, which challenged participants yet allowed them to feel safe and share their experiences.
Your new frameworks for personal and organizational transformation are inspiring and filled with rich knowledge and practical experience. These transformative trainings are critical in developing change makers to address the challenges of our current world.
Saleema Vellani

Co-Founder and COO of Innovazing, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking at Johns Hopkins University

Thank you for the question – how you can support our followup after the program, it means a lot to me, because the idea of being a leader and to be able to raise your community is not that simple idea that can be achieved by 2 weeks program.

I believe that if you want to build a WEAK person (Leader) give him/her a lot of information but do not give them the opportunity to PRACTICE, and this is exactly what I don’t know how to deal with.

Dr. Kaufman , I feel that you are a person that I can trust and a person who has pure intentions to make a change and have strong beliefs in us, and this is why I’m seeking help, advice or even criticism from people like you. Both Integrity and honesty mean a lot to me. “

Dalia Carmel Sharif

Emerging Entrepreneur

“I am very honored to have met such a knowledgeable person. I very much enjoyed your presentation on the paradigm shift from the traditional organization to the catalytic one – a shift that I also investigate in my thesis as applied in the social sciences mainly urban development realm. I am looking forward to potential collaboration as you have a clear value-based advocacy. 

Rozana Darwich

PhD Student, University of Paris-Sorbonne

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