Response to a Need

Daily, executives are confronted with disruptions and opportunities related to the exponentially changing digital world. Some have added innovation units and collaborative venues. But organizations continue struggling with digital transformation to realize breakthrough business impact. For the past three years, there has been considerable buzz in digital transformation, much investment with little success (84% failure rate).

It is an imperative that businesses change their approach to Strategic Transformation. Transformation Academy’s team addresses the necessary challenges ranging from aligning with a values-based mindset, adopting a customer-centric organizational culture, to transforming their business model or becoming a sustainable business.We understand that most institutions (business schools, HR departments, government agencies) do not have the staff, expertise or time to develop and refine such executive education trainings. Through customized purpose- driven workshops, retreats and coaching. Transformation Academy is expanding its outreach with partners through collaborative, white label trainings.

Values Based

At the Transformation Academy, we engage executives and managers for both profit based and non-profit organizations with game-changing workshops from respected global practitioners to generate sustainable impact in the World 4.0 marketplace. They provide partners with a low-risk opportunity for generating new sources of revenue with modest investment;  (granting certificates).

What You Get

Transformation Academy partners with institutions (Business Schools, educational organizations) to provide engaging preparation for the digital World 4.0 marketplace. Designed to augment Executive Education programs, it offers executives, managers, entrepreneurs and alumni timely, game-changing content from globally recognized practitioners. It is co-sponsored by the Transformation Academy and the local partner institution.  Both agree on the offering, marketing outreach, fee, and date.

What Transformation Academy Provides

  1. World tested curriculum and training
  2. Marketing tools (flyer, videos, testimonials)
  3. Speaker(s) (world class practitioners, authors, global strategists)
  4. Transformation Academy certification (depending on workshop)

What the Partner Provides

  1. Professor/practitioner as trainer (optional)
  2. Participant recruitment and registration
  3. Marketing outreach
  4. Logistics (event room, management, food and beverage, Wi-Fi, audio visual)
  5. Transformation Academy speaker(s) travel, food and hotel expenses
  6. Workshop licensing fee $1,000

The revenues are shared after expenses for logistics, speaker expenses and a $1,000 workshop licensing fee are covered.