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Here are 7 powerful Covid-19 survival strategies.


 1. See through the Chaos

Face the fear, economic insecurity and post Covid risk. They are distractions for the entrepreneur/owner looking to survive and thrive. You must be laser focused on survival, not on the distractions.


2. Be a Smarter, More Productive Marketer 

Transform from selling to listening and engaging. The focus is stakeholder-centric, retention & loyalty.  

3. Generate New Revenue (with minimal investment and  expenses

Maintaining financial stability is essential for proceeding from survival to transformation. Finding your new balance and abundance will require re-evaluating revenue sources and expenses while re-using and sharing assets and resources. 

4. Invest in Trusted Communication

Augment your stakeholders’ base by Building Trust = Safety + Consistency + Empathy

5. Leverage your Vital Resources

Selectively invest and leverage your scare resources to consolidate your customer and stakeholder base to generate the desired results. Of course, this follows managing your cash flow and eliminating discretionary expenses.


 6. Reimagine your Business Model

Reinvent how you provide Value for your stakeholders who may have changing expectations. Decide if this effects product or service configuration and delivery.


7. Strategize for your Future

Survive in the present AND keep focused on expected outcomes in the near future. Work towards this results to minimize risk and increase chances for survival, stability and progress to achieve sustainability.

























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