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Get Unstuck…Preparing your company for World 4.0

Data explosion, speed, exponential technologies overwhelm and paralyze executive teams. Get Unstuck is a one-day intensive into this World 4.0. As executives and leaders, you are challenged to confront assumptions and obstacles to stretch beyond your comfort zone and generate sustainable solutions. It guides teams to transform their initiatives- how they work, think and see transformation; how they generate Power through their purpose, team, and organization; and how they leverage digital and new business models.


Aligning Power… Catalyzing organizational transformation

An aligned organization generates the power necessary for transformation. Aligning Power, a two-day Lab, laser focuses your values and purpose to realize the culture necessary for successful organizational transformation. Your leadership will align behind your purpose… shifting your mindset and empowering all stakeholders (from customers to community) to participate and contribute to catalyzing transformation.


Strategic Disruption for Positive Outcomes …Upending your business model

The threat of disruption is a daily tension and major risk to many existing business models. Strategic Disruption for Positive Outcomes is three-day Strategic Disruption Bootcamp that transforms threat into opportunity. You and your team focus on “owning” (instead of resisting) the disruptive forces in the environment. Your team becomes your #1 competitor with a laser focus to exploit your company’s weaknesses and make them your competitors’ strengths. It results in applying innovative designs to drive a radically new business model for your company!


Revolutionizing Digital Experience … Empowering stakeholders

Traditionally organizations and businesses target “customers” to adopt, buy their product/service. Revolutionizing Digital Experience, a two-day workshop, transforms marketing from a business silo to a pervasive digital experience creating value at each stage of the stakeholder journey …. from “customer centric to stakeholder centric.” Your executives and team are immersed in a Catalytic Mindset with interactive hands-on sessions experiencing radical empathy, brand love, convergent media, champions’ influence, and data-driven decision making.

“The Get Unstuck workshop was a breath of fresh air for the audience.

In addition to offering quantitative insights on business trends, the future of big data, and for what our own professional strengths might mean for our future careers, the seminar provided something much more profound than most others—it encouraged us to have the conversation about the underlying values of our entrepreneurial endeavors.

In this day and age, many of us seem afraid to ask these questions—why, for what purpose, and how is this helping people and the planet—and yet this seminar leaned into these questions and asked us all to think of how business ventures can fully embrace them, and succeed, instead of shying away from them for fear of looking soft and unsuccessful.

It’s time to start leaning into to values-driven approaches to business and embrace models that are human-centric. This seminar helped me imagine what that might look like, and how our global society could be transformed by it.” 

Colin Christopher

Research Fellow, Institute for Social Policy

Peter Fuchs

Senior Vice President , PODRAVKA International, Croatia

Your work and teachings broke through a lot of pre-conceptions I had about the industry. It literally framed things in a new light for me. It brought certain ideas of why I buy from one brand over another front and center.

For example, I when buying sneakers I tend to drift towards Adidas shoes before anything else without realizing why.

After your talk I became aware that its because I love their effort converting plastic from the ocean into sneakers. It also showed me the way to copy some of my greatest idols in marketing. People like Elon Musk, who sells you a value and a belief in the future of humanity versus a better built product…Its amazing how a single workshop shifted my mindset, I wonder what an entire course would do.

Nader Aboulhosn

Growth Marketing Consultant Lebanon

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