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 Unprecedented! Roadmap to Strategic Transformation

 Two-day retreat (inhouse, open). We provide executives and leadership teams the space, insights and best practices to navigate the unprecedented disruptions and unknowns of the World 4.0 marketplace. We design internal transformation experiences and unveil digital transformation strategies to match your company culture and level of digital maturity.


Building Sustainable Investment… Drivers, Transformation, Advantage

 Three-day retreat (in house, open enrollment). We offer workshop participants proven best practices and experienced-driven guidance on how to offer and create a high performance social impact investment strategy and the powerful messaging necessary to win over reluctant investors. We provide the key factors designed to prod investors into participating in successful sustainable investment programs. This three-part primer is interactive with best practices, case studies, role playing, and a illustrative hands-on experience of building a sustainability business canvas.






    Dr. Kaufman’s Master Course on improving Podravka’s digital transformation strategy has made a significant difference to our business. As a food-producing and pharmaceutical company, we were looking for new ways to tackle innovation and sustainability topics. By establishing a culture of openness, flexibility, and innovation we managed to implement new practices. A new strategy developed during and after the workshops with Dr. Kaufman that was based on a transformative mindset, diversity, purpose and the courage to try out new ways of doing things. Insights from workshops helped Podravka’s executive team to rethink and redesign innovation and to create a new policy focused on environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

    Head of Knowledge Management Podravka Croatia (2015-2020)

    Snjezana Slabek

    Senior Director Learning and Development, Cognite Norway (2020)

    Tariq Qureishy

    CEO, Founder, Mad Talks

    Reda Bouraoui

    Former General Manager , PepsiCo, Gulf Region

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