Certification Process


Transformation Academy Certification reflects the speed of change in the world, new functions/jobs and different expertise. It is based on practice not academics. You are certified by a panel of experts who have designed, refined these twelve factors which are critical for planning executing and scaling sustainable ventures in World 4.0 & beyond. Transformation Academy training integrate these elements:

  1. Values based
  2. Purpose driven
  3. Empathetic/Inclusive
  4. Stakeholder-centric
  5. Quantum thinking
  6. Catalytic thinking
  7. Network connectivity
  8. Lean methodologies
  9. Collaborative
  10. Digitally integrated
  11. Measurable impact (Sustainable Impact Indicators)
  12. Sustainable Outcomes (Quadruple Bottom Line)

Panel of Experts

  1. J.E. Rash- values
  2. Velma Srića, PhD -innovation
  3. Mohamed Catic- emerging technologies
  4. Snjezana Slabek- knowledge management
  5. Steve Gomes, PhD -strategic alliances
  6. Adil Kassabi- Digital Transformation
  7. Michelle James- creativity  
  8. Joe Turek, PhD- economics
  9. Aissa Azzouzi -sustainable impact
  10. Ira Kaufman, PhD – catalytic transformative marketing
  11. Ishrat Ali, PhD -entrepreneurship
  12. Klaus Christensen – Impact Investment


  • Institution (annual fee for series of courses collaboratively designed)
  • Individual course (course fee approved in house course)
  • Participant certification (participant fee for certificate approved courses)
  • Transformation Academy workshop
  • Ongoing participant fee (online content)

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