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Digital Transformation

One day breakthrough workshop to gain agreement from the leadership team and managers on the need for digital transformation and a roadmap for the next steps. Most executives focus on the “D” digital tools and not the “T” transform the organizational. Yes, digital technologies are the drivers. But successful digital transformation begins with your comprehension of the  Rules of the Networked Economy and the organization necessary to deliver the change- People (senior leadership and the C-suite);  Commitment (necessity for change); Culture (level of digital preparedness); and Strategy (transformation plan). The workshop is designed to incorporate your personal values into the organization’s transformation and purposeful impact. It takes you outside your comfort zone to drive changes in your mindset and organization’s culture necessary to propel Digital Transformation. The modules are interactive with cross-functional, inter-generational teams that encourage the discovery of new insights.


Building a Trusted Brand

 One and two day workshops for executives and managers to integrate values and purpose into a social responsible business. It includes: 

  • Establish your Transformative WHY
  • Discover your Purposeful Brand- “Who are You and Why?”
  • Transform brand strategy from “marketing products” to “Creating Shared Value”
  • Develop a purposeful business model
  • Incorporate data (small, broad, big data) into decision making
  • Assess Sustainable Performance Indicators
  • Integrate Quadruple Bottom-line into business impact analysis




Dr. Kaufman’s Master Course on improving Podravka’s digital transformation strategy has made a significant difference to our business. As a food-producing and pharmaceutical company, we were looking for new ways to tackle innovation and sustainability topics. By establishing a culture of openness, flexibility, and innovation we managed to implement new practices. A new strategy developed during and after the workshops with Dr. Kaufman that was based on a transformative mindset, diversity, purpose and the courage to try out new ways of doing things. Insights from workshops helped Podravka’s executive team to rethink and redesign innovation and to create a new policy focused on environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Head of Knowledge Management Podravka Croatia (2015-2020)

Snjezana Slabek

Senior Director Learning and Development, Cognite Norway (2020)

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