Win-win partnerships are encouraged with related institutions. They allow for easy adoption and customization of workshops and training sessions, marketing and revenue sharing. Current partners include;

Global Transformation Corps (division Legacy International)– provides leadership and entrepreneurship training for emerging entrepreneurs committed to values-based, impact driven ventures. Transformation Academy serves as the capacity building and mentoring partner for Global Transformation Corps. It integrates transformative learning of soft skills with technical expertise and operational experience. Training includes organizational culture and structure, purposeful design, digitalization, finance, transformative marketing, and IT strategies that integrate social impact.

Kotler Impact

Designs and implements World Marketing Summits in 8 countries globally

 Mad Talks

Provides trainings and support for leaders in the MENA, Middle East North Africa and Gulf region

Sevenbridge, a Swiss consulting firm offering strategic advice on how to position and scale businesses and projects with positive effects on society and the environment.

TADAFUR Consulting Group is a management consulting company specialized on organizational strategy, digital transformation and IT enablement in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. It trains leaders, executives and managers who seek to develop transformational skills and advanced digital competencies. It  drives an international network specializing in Change Leadership & Organizational Culture Transformation.

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