the right methodologies to foster sustainable growth


Methodologies to pinpoint the ideal process for your operation

Catalyzer Lab synthesizes three transformation dimensions:

  • Personal transformation through values and changing mindsets
  • Organizational transformation through internal and external digital/innovation strategies
  • Stakeholder transformation through Quadruple Bottom Line for purposeful impact

Strategic Harmony

  • Generating sustainable outcomes
  • Rebalancing Power and Love

Rethinking Values

  • Directing and leveraging purpose, culture, and brand
  • Integrating TEST Values ( Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, Transparency)

 Catalytic Mindset

  • Transforming Leaders to Catalyzers
  • Looking through the four lenses ( Quantum, Entrepreneurial, Connective, Intelligence) to challenge business models

Purposeful Design Thinking

  • Revolutionizing business models
  • Challenging assumptions, beliefs and rigidity to discover sustainable possibilities

Transformative Marketing

  • Reinventing the customer/stakeholder experience
  • Replacing constant messaging with reducing resistance

Sustainable Impact Indicators

  • Enriching all stakeholders’ value
  • Evaluating performance based on social, environmental, community and economic impacts

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