Imperative – Now is the time to act!

Our leaders struggle as they enter World 4.0, an accelerating age of deep-networks and digital data.  This environment disrupts communications, jobs, technologies, ecological priorities, and traditional business models…creating unanticipated impacts that threaten the stability of our current global order. Executive 4.0 requires a purposefully designed skillset to innovate across all these domains and implement sustainable solutions.

Executive 4.0, are you prepared to?

  • develop an agile mindset and an unshakable commitment to reinvent assumptions to operate in this uncertain space.
  • transform the status quo by empowering diverse Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized).
  • collaborate across generations synergizing capabilities to formulate impactful outcomes.
  • redefine your organization’s impact on all stakeholders.

Executive 4.0, are you ready to act?

Are you ready to become a catalyzer of change, the power center of our emerging global society? This environment demands inspired, thoughtful action (not more lame platitudes and endless debate). It requires collaboration, aligning of our strengths.

For Executive 4.0, this is both an inner and outer experience. Inner defining purpose, values and mindset; outer translating those changes into benefit for all stakeholders. Organizational structure, communication and culture must integrate these changes across all operations. As an eminent MBA professor shared, “the soft stuff is the new hard stuff; you forget that only at your peril in World 4.0.”

Executive 4.0, do you have the tools?

You require the tools to navigate diverse values, expand identities, exponentially change technologies, empower strategies, galvanize constituencies and reverse unsustainable impacts. This toolbox must be values-based and impact-driven … calibrated and designed to transform your mindset and directly meet these challenges. It includes 8 vital skills:

  1. gain agreement on your Transformative WHY
  2. realign intention and mindset to be a Catalyzer
  3. develop Stakeholder Centric culture
  4. enrich Transformative Business Model
  5. design Purposeful Brand consistent across operations
  6. scale Advocacy-driven Journey
  7. amplify Impact
  8. measure and adapt through Iterative Evaluation

Finally, the Executive 4.0 must guide strategic planning to be inclusive, inter-generational and continuously innovative. Performance must be accountable to reflect a Quadruple Bottom Line

  • People (consumers, employees)
  • Planet (sustainable impact)
  • Profit (investors, company stakeholders)
  • Prosperity (community)

Executive 4.0 requires coaching to break patterns, moving from a world defined by status quo experience and tested benchmarks to a world of uncertainty and new horizons. In this age of exponential change and disruption, he/she must be a courageous listener, able to empower teams, thrive in diverse cultures and respond seamlessly to stakeholders demanding sustainable solutions.

We close with a powerful insight from the Dalai Lama.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Ira Kaufman, PhD., an Executive4.0 Coach and Transformation Strategist, lives in three worlds- business, nonprofit, education. Working across generations, he challenges executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs to reflect on their assumptions and resistances to discover sustainable solutions and navigate World 4.0.  He engages values to fuel purposeful action, building collaboration to move from a transactional to a catalytic mindset necessary to generate Strategic Harmony among all stakeholders. Ira’s company, Entwine Digital, works with midsize organizations and multinationals to design values-based Digital Marketing and Transformative strategies and train World Class Digital Leaders.  His Transformation Academy provides a framework for managing continuous change and fueling transformative business models. He co-authored Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy, Tactics with Values (now in 2nd edition) and The World is Broken…We Need to Fix It – The Path to Strategic Harmony (2019). His blog is

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